I’m interested in Thermomix® and wish to book a Cooking Experience

Seeing Is Believing!

A Thermomix®  in-home cooking experience is the best way to appreciate the benefits of owning a Thermomix®. See for yourself the process of preparing incredible healthy food and tasty meals in minutes. Entertain your friends and enjoy delicious food without lifting a finger. Simply book a Thermomix® cooking experience today.

A Thermomix® Advisor will show you the functions of the Thermomix®, while teaching you how to avoid harmful additives in your food and save money on your shopping bills. During the cooking experience, you will be taken through a delicious menu from entrée to dessert, all in a mere 90 minutes. You may be invited to cook with the Thermomix. You will appreciate how easy and mess-free the entire cooking process may be; the preparation and cooking are done in the Thermomix®, which also self-cleans when it is finished with cooking/food preparation!


The Standard Thermomix® Cooking Experience Menu consists of :
1. Juicing & Pulverizing : fresh juices
2. Dough Kneading : wholesome bread &/or buns
3. Ice-cream : Refreshing preservatives-free fruit sorbet
4. Low Temperature Cooking : nutrients rich naturally sweet stir-fried fresh vegetables
5. Multi-Layer Cooking & Blending : delicious and nourishing soup &/or other one pot meal main(s) &/or rice with a steamed dish


Purchase a Thermomix® and Host Cooking Experience to get your ThermoServer for FREE and a Blade Cover for only RM1 (Usual RM360 + RM130)

Free ThermoServer and get the Blade Cover for just RM1

Purchase a Thermomix® TM6 & recommend Thermomix® to your friends within 30 days of delivery by hosting a qualifying Thermomix® Cooking Experience to get your hosting gifts and offer*!

The Thermomix®  ThermoServer is one of the most popular host reward gift as you can keep your food chilled or warm while you continue cooking more food with your Thermomix®! For a limited time and only 500 sets, add RM1 to get the new Blade Cover! The Blade Cover transform your Thermomix® mixing bowl into a full fledge sous vide and slow cooker so you can cook more and protect delicate ingredients from the super sharp blades!
Imagine what you can cook with the thousands of recipes on sous vide and slow cooking available on Cookidoo®!

Choose a FREE cookbook when you order Thermomix®  TM6 online or make a full payment purchase!

*Terms and conditions apply.
While stocks last, valid from 6 September to 4 October 2020 with limited quantity available for this offer.
One Purchase with Purchase per customer only, while stocks last.

Watch Thermomix® Cooking Experience Online

The Thermomix® online cooking experience lets you see the power and prowess of the Smart-at-Heart TM6 in the comfort of your own home.

Through our Menus A and B, you can see how a full course of delicious dishes, drinks and desserts can be prepared the fast, clean and easy way. From preparation to cooking, the online cooking experience guides you through different useful functions that are uniquely Thermomix®. To watch more Thermomix® Cooking videos, please visit our YouTube channel.


Standard Demo Menu :
1. Lemonade
2. Stir Fried Mee Hoon
3. Strawberry Banana Sorbet
4. Layered Cooking: Quick Steamed Mantou and Pumpkin Soup