My Love ❤ Affair with Thermomix®

This article is written by Sunita Thomas.

It all began that fateful day in October 2013! 

I am a person who loves to bake – cakes especially, and am always sending some over to my neighbour who had 2 young kids at that time. They, in turn, fell in love with my chocolate cake with chocolate ganache thus prompting their mum to ask me for the recipe. One day, I went over to my neighbour’s home to help her bake the cake for her kids. When it came time to melt chocolate for the ganache, I asked if I could use her microwave and she said “Oh why?  You can melt it using my Thermomix® (her TM31)” – and that’s where it all began?…my heart melted just as the chocolate melted so easily in the Thermomix®! I asked for the phone number of the Advisor whom she’d purchased it from and requested for a demo at the next available time, and the rest is history. I placed my order immediately and my TM31 (which was priced at RM5,588 at that time) was delivered within a few days.

My first recipe in my TM31 is the now renowned Thermomix® lemonade and I slowly progressed to making red velvet cupcakes, whole orange cake and various other dishes for  my family. I could not believe how easy it was to cook with Thermomix®. As I recognised  the vast all-in-one, smart kitchen potential of the Thermomix®, I promptly gave away my bread maker, blender and table top cake mixer ?. 

This love affair continued with the TM5 when I joined as an Advisor and decided to win it for free by paying the deposit (I sold my TM31 for this) and embarking on the New Advisor  Earning Programme (NAEP) in May 2017. I hosted a couple of demos, with the help of my  Advisor, at my home with friends and family and managed to earn my TM5 at a greatly  discounted price! I was soon doing my own demos and thoroughly enjoying this new career. 

I also expanded my cooking skills by using Cookidoo® (with the Cook Key which I purchased in  Australia, as it was still not available in Malaysia at that time so I was one of the first?) and was constantly amazed at the recipes I could find and cook so easily just by using the Guided Cooking feature. This was great as I was kind of stuck in a rut before, cooking the same old recipes and Cookidoo® gave me the option to try so many different types of cuisine without worrying about the outcome as all the recipes are triple tested. My family was definitely very happy about this too!

Having mastered the TM5, the world of cooking became my oyster as I could easily adapt and cook all my regular Indian dishes (a lot of my mum’s recipes) using my Thermomix® without the hassle of standing and stirring over a hot stove, cleaning up the stove top, floor, etc. from splatter, and washing large pots and pans. I enjoyed looking for recipes online and converting them to the Thermomix® way of cooking, which is very easy to do once you know the basics. 

Indian cooking with the Thermomix® is especially made easier as dishes like mutton peretal, which require a long process of parboiling (or pressure cooking) the mutton, then standing and stirring every 10 mins, is now such a breeze. I just sauté my spices, add in the mutton and all the other ingredients and set my Thermomix® to cook for 1 hour (maybe even make a quick trip to the grocery store or catch up on my favourite K-drama) and voilà, my mutton peretal is done!

In 2019, the TM6, Smart At Heart, was launched and my love for Thermomix® deepened even further as I am a gadget person and the TM6 piqued my interest to greater heights, with all its new functions and modes. Winning my free TM6, as a Junior Team Manager, was a breeze as I just could not stop sharing about it. Cooking sous-vide steaks for a family of 7 (something I never imagined being able to do) for New Year’s Eve dinner was so easy and extremely economical too. 

I am currently a Cookidoo® recipe tester and developer, which is very satisfying, and am proud to have so many of my recipes up on the platform. I use my Thermomix® 3-4 times a day. I love ❤️ both my TM5 and TM6 and not having a Thermomix®, for me, would be akin to losing a limb?!  

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