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Cooking for Baby & Toddler TM5 | TM6

Cooking for Baby & Toddler TM5 | TM6


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Louise Fulton Keats has developed Thermomix® Cooking for your baby and toddler. Filled with over 100 quick and easy Thermomix® recipes, this book will help your child develop a taste for new flavours while providing the nutrients so crucially needed in the early years.

Invaluable meal planners are included for your baby’s first year as well as information on nutritional needs, potential feeding problems, solutions and recommendations.

Recipes range from baby purees to toddler food and family meals everyone can enjoy. Recipes include First Chicken Puree, Chicken and Pumpkin Couscous, Chilli Con Carne and Watermelon Strawberry Sorbet.

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