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Thermomix® Malaysia Chinese New Year 2021 eBook | 新春佳节 2021 电子食谱

Thermomix® Malaysia Chinese New Year 2021 eBook | 新春佳节 2021 电子食谱



The Chinese Lunar New Year is a traditional festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. Traditionally, families gather for their joyous family reunion over

a spread of auspicious dishes and desserts. 2021 is the Year of the Ox. Thermomix® – the World’s Smartest Kitchen will brighten your reunion dinner table and delight your family’s taste buds. Pamper your family with a variety of hearty, delicious, and easy-to-prepare New Year recipes. Do you know, there are many popular auspicious delicacies prepared and served to usher in abundance and blessings for the family?

To ring in a prosperous new year, “Yusheng” is a must-have on every Chinese New Year menu. (鱼, yú) in Mandarin has the same pronunciation as “abundance” (余, yú). Yusheng is served as a fun and refreshing starter, delicately plated with fresh sashimi grade fish slices, shredded vegetables, pickles, and sauces that excite our palate. In this CNY collection, “Steamed Fish with Pickled Peppers and Fermented Soy Beans”, is a steamed whole fish with mildly spiced gravy. Chinese families love to serve whole fish during Chinese New Year as it symbolizes the good beginning and ending (有始有终) for the year.

“Drunken Herbal Prawns” is another celebrated dish of joy and happiness that symbolically brings a full year of happiness to you and your loved ones. Prawns are called (虾, har) in Cantonese, which also sounds like happy laughter (哈, ha). The natural sweetness of prawns cooked with an array of herbs, bathed in a fragrant rice wine broth, is an irresistible combination. “Braised Mushrooms, Abalone and Sea Cucumber” is known as the three musketeers of the Chinese New Year, as they symbolize prosperity. These ingredients take on the essence of the braised sauce with an extra hint of saltiness from the ocean signifying a true taste of seafood at its finest. A delicious and easy-to-prepare “Chrysanthemum Tofu Soup” that makes a great presentation, where the silken tofu is finely cut into a flower shape and “blooms” in the warm soup.

Additionally, the “Hakka Yam Abacus” which symbolizes unity and prosperity is a traditional dish of the Hakka dialect people who originated from the China Tai Po district. Traditionally, this dish is tedious to prepare, but with the Thermomix®, preparation is effortless! The tender and juicy “Pineapple Pork Ribs” with that tangy sweet-pineapple-tart taste is truly refreshing. If you and your family are fans of eating rice, then the “Savoury Crab & Chinese Sausage Rice” is simply good with an intensely flavourful and with the naturally fragrant with the sweet and savoury crab meat. “Buddha’s Delight” (Lo Han Zhai) is a popular vegetarian dish. This dish, traditionally consumed by Buddhist monks, has since grown in popularity across the world as a healthy vegetarian dish.

Finish off the dinner with desserts for sweet memories that will linger. Dessert selections such as, “Mala Bak Kwa Sticks”, “German Biscuits”, “Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng and Wolfberries” and “Sugarcane Water Chestnut Drink” are perfect for your guests after the reunion celebratory dinner.


农历新年是华人传统习俗的一大节 日,根据农历的日期在新一年的开始 庆祝为期15天。传统上,家家户户 会欢聚一堂享用满桌佳肴盛馔的团圆 饭。2021年是农历辛丑年,也是金 牛年。Thermomix® – 全球最小的 厨房智能神器将照亮您的团圆饭桌, 让您和家人来一场舌尖上的味蕾盛 宴。通过各种丰盛、美味且易于烹调 的新年食谱来满足您的家人。你知道 吗?我们准备了许多受欢迎的新春佳 肴为大家献上真挚的祝福,祝愿大家 好运连连庆丰收呢!

为了迎接丰收年,几乎所有年菜的菜单上都 少不了“鱼生”。鱼与余谐音,象征年年有 余。鱼生一般是一道颇有带动气氛的开胃 菜,主要把新鲜的生三文鱼片、色彩斑斓 的蔬菜丝、腌菜和甜爽的酱汁一一地摆在餐 盘上。在餐桌上,所有的聚餐者都会拿起一 双筷子一边把鱼生的所有食材搅拌得越高越 好,一边说出贺年祝福以套个好兆头。这本 汇集了节庆精选佳肴的食谱专辑内,还有一 道“泡椒豆豉蒸鱼”。这是一道搭配微辣酱 汁的蒸全鱼食谱。华人家庭喜欢在农历新年 期间享用整尾鱼,因为这意味着这一年有美 好的开始与结束,也意喻做事有始有终。

“药材醉虾”也是一道喜气洋洋的年菜,祝 福您和您的家人一整年欢喜富足。虾的粤语 发音听起来也代表哈哈大笑。虾仁的天然甘 甜味,搭配多种药材烹制而成,泡在香气浓 郁的米酒中,是无法抗拒的美味组合。 “香 菇鲍鱼海参煲“里的香菇、鲍鱼和海参被称为农历新年的三剑客,因为它们象征着财 源广进,富贵有余。这些食材沐浴着红烧 汁的精髓美味,展现海洋赋予的自然鲜美 之味,是最上乘的海鲜料理之一。美味且 易于烹调的“菊花豆腐汤”极具高颜值, 将嫩豆腐切成菊花状,并在热汤中华丽 地“绽放”。

此外,象征团圆与富贵的“客家算盘子”是 源自中国大埔的客家传统料理。这道料理的 传统做法,准备工作是想当繁琐的,但是有 了Thermomix®,一切就轻松多了! 柔软多汁的“菠萝排骨” ,其甜酸菠萝味吃起来清爽开胃,令人精神一振。如果您和您 的家人是无饭不欢的一伙儿,那么“螃蟹糯米 饭” 就正合你心意啦!米饭搭配肉质鲜甜的螃 蟹,味浓甘香,让你齿颊留香。罗汉斋也是一 道极受欢迎的素菜。这道菜传统上是供佛教僧 侣享用的,随后逐渐演变成一种健康的素食料 理,广泛流传全世界的华人社区。

最后,让我们用甜点为团圆饭画上堪称一绝 的句点。团圆饭宴后,您可以随意选择“麻 辣肉干“、”德国酥饼“、”泡参枸杞燕 窝“或”甘蔗马蹄水“,与家人共享最甜美 的时刻。