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Thermomix® cooking experience is the best way to discover the benefits of the all-in-one Thermomix®. It's a lifetime of safe, easy cooking and healthy eating.

A cooking experience is the best way to discover Thermomix® and the cooking possibilities for your family. During the session, a Thermomix® Advisor will show you the functions of Thermomix®through a guided cooking session where you and your family may even try cooking with Thermomix®. The cooking experience may be held at one of our cooking studios, any location of your choice such as your home, or even virtually. However, nothing beats an in-person session where you will get to see Thermomix® in action.

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Discover Thermomix with a Thermomix® Cooking Experience

Get a Thermomix® TM6, the World’s smartest All-in-One Super Kitchen Machine!

Thermomix® is the gift for a lifetime of Easy Cooking, Healthy Eating and Fun in the kitchen.

Get our Thermomix®️ Carry Bag (worth RM 380) when you purchase a Thermomix®️ TM6 Thermomix®️ TM6 and host a cooking experience – as your Purchase & Host Gift*.

When you purchase your Thermomix®️ online or make a full payment via bank transfer, you are entitled to get an exclusive Thermomix®️ ThermoServer 2.2L (worth RM360). Alternatively, you are entitled to get Thermomix®️ Glass Jar (worth RM 92) when you make a full payment via credit card or debit card.

Keep everyone safe at home by staying home to cook your meals!
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Endless Inspiration


Thermomix ® has thousands of recipes on Cookidoo ® that are directly accessible from the Thermomix® TM6 and guides every step of the food preparation and cooking process from start till finish.

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An ideal way to get to know the Thermomix® is to host a Thermomix® Cooking Experience, where you and a few friends can have fun with hands-on cooking using the smart Thermomix® while enjoying a delicious meal you’ve cooked together.

Getting organised for your Thermomix® Cooking Experience is easy! 

Step 1 : Invite a few friends or families to your Cooking Experience
Step 2 : Create your own Cooking Experience Menu by choosing from a range of available dishes
Step 3 : Browse our Host Rewards Catalogue and get ready to unleash the possibilities of your kitchen.

Once you’ve chosen your Cooking Experience Menu, it’s time to choose your Host Reward. Why not collect them all? 
Browse our Host Rewards Catalogue and get ready to unleash the possibilities of your kitchen.

Host a Thermomix® Cooking Experience

You are cooking with Thermomix® and loving every bit of it! Why not get rewarded when you share your joy of cooking with Thermomix® by inviting your friends to your Cooking Experience?

You can choose from an array of dishes in our Cooking Experience Collection and create your own personal menu to host your friends to a fun session of cooking and bonding over food they cook with the Thermomix®!  Be rewarded every time you host a Thermomix® Cooking Experience. Host yours now.

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