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Experience Thermomix® live at the comfort of your own home!
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Seeing Is Believing!

A Thermomix®  in-home cooking experience is the best way to appreciate the benefits of owning a Thermomix®. See for yourself the process of preparing incredible healthy food and tasty meals in minutes. Entertain your friends and enjoy delicious food without lifting a finger. Simply book a Thermomix® cooking experience today.

A Thermomix® Advisor will show you the functions of the Thermomix®, while teaching you how to avoid harmful additives in your food and save money on your shopping bills. During the cooking experience, you will be taken through a delicious menu from entrée to dessert, all in a mere 90 minutes. You may be invited to cook with the Thermomix. You will appreciate how easy and mess-free the entire cooking process may be; the preparation and cooking are done in the Thermomix®, which also self-cleans when it is finished with cooking/food preparation!

The Thermomix® Cooking Experience Menu Features:
1. Juicing & Pulverizing : Fresh Juices
2. Dough Kneading : Wholesome Bread &/or Buns
3. Ice-cream : Refreshing Fruit Sorbet
4. Low Temperature Cooking : Stir-fried Fresh Vegetables
5. Multi-Layer Cooking & Blending : Delicious Soup &/or Mains

Book Your

Cooking Experience

Experience the power of Thermomix® live… in our studio or at the comfort of your own home!

Book a Cooking Experience

Rewarding Experience

Hosting a Thermomix® Cooking Experience
is very rewarding !

Inviting friends you love and care about to a fun Thermomix® cooking experience enables you to share joy of owning a Thermomix® and the food we will be cooking together. A special reward awaits you when you host a qualifying cooking show with 3-6 friends (or 3 households). Customers who host a qualifying Thermomix® cooking experience can get an exclusive Host Reward*

It doesn’t matter if you have not heard about Thermomix® and wish to find out more, or if you are already an owner, we invite you to host a cooking experience to:
1. Appreciate full potential of Thermomix®
2. Learn extra tips and tricks
3. Take advantage of our exclusive Host Reward*!

It Is Rewarding To Share
The Joy Of Owning A Thermomix®*

Hosting a Thermomix® Cooking Experience
and be rewarded!

Explore Thermomix with your friends and family through a hosted Cooking Experience. You’ll be taking turns to cook with Thermomix while having loads of fun discovering the cooking possibilities at home with Thermomix. Easy cooking and healthy eating is never easier. 

Contact your Advisor to host your cooking experience or fill up this form for us to help you organise your Cooking Experience.

Book a Cooking Experience