Thermomix® has been described by Michelin star chefs as “The best kitchen machine in the world” and “A great gadget that will save you loads of time and effort”. However, it’s not just some of the world’s leading chefs who find the Thermomix® indispensable; millions of home cooks across the world also wouldn’t be caught cooking without one.

It’s important to know what real people think of Thermomix®. That’s why we’ve gathered quotes from Thermomix® owners and users on this page, both by customers who own a Thermomix® and from media sources as well. Thermomix® reviews are a great place to start the decision-making process. We strongly recommend attending a Thermomix® cooking experience to learn everything Thermomix® is capable of. You can book a session by filling up this form.

Rave Reviews from Around The World

“Thermomix® was even more popular than Apple’s iPad tablet in 2013, outselling it by a substantial margin. Nearly 10 percent of Portuguese households have one.”
 Wall Street Journal

“The magic cooker that can turn anyone into a masterchef: It weighs, stirs, heats – and even knows the recipes.”
Daily Mail UK

“Dream machine: The Thermomix® weighs, chops, cooks – and even washes itself up.”
The Independent UK

“A multifunctional digital food blender so good it’s used in top restaurants “
 The Financial Times

“As well as blending, this sleek dream machine heats up, chops, weighs and provides recipes on a smart screen, boasting that it is 12 appliances in one.”
The Evening Standard

“Loved by chefs the world over: MasterChef’s George Calombaris has one, as does Gordon Ramsay. British chef Heston Blumenthal has three and renowned Spanish chef Ferran Adria apparently has 15.”
The Sydney Morning Herald

What Celebrities & Chefs say about Thermomix®

Awards & Accolades

Iconic Awards

Iconic Awards – Interior Innovation Winner
The Thermomix® was awarded architecturally ideal for home, living and furnishings

iF Design Awards

iF Design Award
One of the most prestigious design awards the highly coveted iF Design Awards 2016. Thermomix® won in the category of ” Apps / Software ” for being innovative with it’s technology and design.

Gourmand Cookbook Awards

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

The Gourmand Awards are the major Food Culture event in the world. Thermomix® won 3 Gourmand Awards, two of which are awarded to our local Thermomix® cookbooks, The Malay Kitchen and Tasty Asia cookbook.

GIA Award

IHA Global Innovation Awards

The Thermomix® was a 2018 IHA Global Innovation Award (gia) Global Finalist for new product design and innovation, under Smart Home Products.

Focus Money “Customer’s Favourite 2019” Award

Focus Money “Customer’s Favourite 2019” Award

The Thermomix® TM6 was awarded the Gold rating in the biggest consumer brand survey (20,000 brands from 272 industries). The fact that the Thermomix® brand enjoys such a high reputation and proves to be not only a multiple test winner but also a winner in the favor of customers is one of the most valuable awards for us!

Reddot Award

Reddot Award – Winner Interface Design
The Thermomix® was awarded the ground-breaking innovative operating concept

UX Design Awards

UX Design Awards

The Thermomix® is awarded the UX Design Award in 2015 and 2019.The Jury Statement says: “The cooking platform Cookidoo® is a well-executed holistic experience. It delivers on the promise of seamless interaction across different devices and scenarios – from inspiration and shopping to cooking and community-building. It facilitates role-sharing between users and helps delivering relevant content for different target groups.”

Superbrands Poland Award

Superbrands Poland 2019 Award

The Thermomix®  was awarded the Superbrands Poland 2019 Award, which pays tribute to the strongest and most valuable brands in the world.

Domestic Diva Awards

Domestic Diva Awards

The Thermomix® was awarded the Most Innovative Kitchen Appliance for the 2018 & 2019 Domestic Diva Awards by the The Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine. “Thermomix® is a revolutionary machine that combines a multitude of kitchen tasks, from weighing to blending, chopping and cooking, and has a touchscreen control panel with recipe guides”

Good Design Award

Good Design Award
Thermomix® TM5 impressed the judging panel with its simplicity and functionality and won a Good Design® Award – Product Design – Domestic Appliances in 2015

German Design Award

German Design – Special Award
The Thermomix® received this special award for its outstanding design quality

Test Magazin Awards

ETM Test Magazin

The Thermomix® received a rating of 95.8% by ETM Test Magazin.

SquareRooms Award

SquareRooms Award 2018

The Thermomix® was awarded the Best All-in-One Kitchen Appliance by SquareRooms in 2018.

Plus X Award

Plus X Award
Plus X Award commended Thermomix® as the winner in the four categories as well as the overall winner in the cake machine category.

Golden Award

Cake Innovation of the Year and Golden Award – Best of the Best
The Thermomix® is awarded the “Cake Innovation of the Year 2016” award and the winner of the “Golden Award – Best of the Best“ award in the category of electrical appliances, among other things for its ease of use, design and product

Asia Honesty Award

Asia Honesty Award

The Thermomix® was awarded the Asia Honesty Award in 2015. The Asia Honesty Award recognizes outstanding businesses, organizations, and individuals. The vision of Asia Honesty Award is to create an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.

SME100 Award

SME 100 Award

Thermomix® was a recipient of the SME 100 Fast Moving Companies Award.