Your Cookidoo® Created Recipes can now be shared with your friends & loved ones!

We heard your requests and you can now share your Created Recipes stored in Cookidoo®! Previously Created Recipes are private and accessible only to the creators, now, with this sharing feature, you can effortlessly share your Cookidoo® creations. Share your Created Recipes via your favourite go-to-social media channels or quickly copy the link on web or mobile to your friends and loved ones – because shared recipes bring shared joy to everyone.
Sedap Recipes Rmadan & Syawal 2024 eBook

Thermomix® Sedap Recipes Ramadhan and Syawal 2024 eBook

Celebrate Ramadan and Syawal with our curated array of sedap festive food that marks the beginning of Ramadan to the end of Syawal. From the quick and easy one pot noodles and Sup Tauhu Kulit to the fancy Rosalinda Pineapple Tarts, nostalgic Sarsi beverage, regional favourites like Curry Mee, Sup Kambing and Kuzi Ayam, this collection includes delectable mains, flavoursome one-pot dishes for Iftar, Sahur, potlucks and open houses for a meaningful fasting month and your lavish Raya spread!

Thermomix® Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year E-Book 2024

Chinese New Year is fast approaching and we have compiled not 1, but 2 Chinese New Year eBooks for your festive celebration! Flavours of Fortune with Thermomix® features a total of 16 recipes and has 2 editions: Cookies edition and Main Dishes edition. With favourites like Pineapple Tarts and Bak Kwa, dazzle your loved ones this Chinese New Year with home made treats! Made easy with the Thermomix®

CNY Yu Sheng using your Thermomix®

Yusheng (Yee Sang | 鱼生), meaning “raw fish” in Chinese, is a salad dish usually eaten during Chinese New Year. Yusheng incorporates thin slices of raw fish and various seasonings. Each ingredient has an auspicious meaning and greetings signifying luck and prosperity are using shouted as the diners toss the ingredients.

Thermomix® Pineapple Tart Jam Cooking Tips

It’s the Pineapple Tarts season! It’s unbelievable how easy it is to cook our own pineapple jam using the Thermomix® to grate, blend and cook – all in one pot! Gone are the days where we need to grate by hand, blend, then stir continuously at the stove for the next hour by hand until the jam dries up sufficiently to be a paste that can be used to make into the quintessential CNY treat – pineapple tarts.

Thermomix® Jelly Art Mooncakes

A twist to the traditional mooncakes is the Jelly mooncakes. Showcase your creativity by adding art into these mooncakes! Jelly mooncakes consists of gelatine, also called agar agar locally, these desserts will be popular with people who shun away from traditional mooncakes as these are easy to eat and sure to be a crowd pleaser especially with young children who may not like mooncake pastes!

Discover Thermomix® VIP

Are you ready to take your culinary journey to the next level? Imagine a world where cooking becomes an art form, where convenience and innovation intertwine to create a remarkable experience. Introducing Thermomix® VIP – your passport to an elevated cooking adventure - giving you VIP service, peace of mind and access to premium Thermomix merchandise.
Save when you make your own baby food

Save with Thermomix® when you make your own Baby Food

As parents, we want the best for our children. When w start them with the best food we can offer, it's also a good start to a lifetime of healthy eating and good health. Home made baby's food is easy when you have a multi-purpose kitchen cooker like the Thermomix® at home. The Thermomix® can help you prepare the food and stir the cooking in bulk portions, while you take a break from kid minding or tend to the little ones. Save time, money and effort with home-prepared baby's food as store bought baby's food can be costly and home cooked ones tiresome and time consuming.

How to Meal Plan with Thermomix®

Ever have a blank mind when it comes to what to cook – especially when you are in a hurry to get meals done? Fret not. It’s more common than you think and happens frequently to busy people who are constantly multi-tasking to get more done at the same time. Use the Cookidoo® mobile app for easy meal planning and versatile shopping for the required ingredients while you’re on the go. Planning makes little goes a long way and is one of the best way to help us stick to our food budget. A few key strategies (for example, planning meals based on the ingredients we already have in our kitchen, buying produce in season, and making freezer-friendly meals in bulk) can reduce our weekly spend, as well as limit food waste.

Say Hello to Scaled Recipes on Cookidoo®!

At Thermomix®, we always aim to make your cooking experience more enjoyable, while cooking healthier, smarter and quicker. Now we are taking your Cookidoo® experience to the next level. Introducing a new and exciting feature to Cookidoo®, a feature that a lot of our customers have wished for a long time: Scaling recipes! Coming your way from 25 October 2022 onwards*!

Thermomix® Chinese New Year E-Book

Chinese New Year is around the corner, which means friends and relatives will soon be gathering and enjoying a delicious spread of both traditional and modern dishes. Wow your guests this upcoming Chinese New Year with some of these tested, fail-proof Thermomix® recipes from our 2022 CNY e-book. Check out these dishes we've got in store for you! Includes step-by-step guide to shape cherry blossom dumplings, a sustainable mock fins soup, and recipes for popular CNY bakes like Hong Kong bakery style butter cookies and the ever popular pineapple tarts!
Thermomix Malaysia Christmas E-Book

Thermomix® Christmas E-Book

Have a holly, jolly Christmas. It’s the best time of the year! Can you believe it’s already Christmas soon? Let’s hop into the Christmas spirit with with our long awaited Christmas with Thermomix® E-Book! It includes 15 recipes triple-tested by our Recipe Development team and a Ginger Bread House printable template for a nice Cook and Bond session with your little ones this Holiday. Some dishes to expect include Rich Fruit Cake, Key Lime Madeline and Cranberry Financier. Whether you’re planning for a Christmas lunch or dinner, this E-Book will give you all the inspiration you need.

Thermomix® Tutorials – Nasi Arab (Arabian Rice) with Afiza Halin

Learn how to make Nasi Arab (Arabian Rice) with 6 components! Our host, Afiza Halin, will guide you through the creation of each element, including the Arabian Spice Mix, succulent Chicken, refreshing Salad, flavorful Rice & Soup, and the Harrah Sauce. Did you know you can dry roast spices right in your Thermomix®? Dry roasting spices not only makes them easier to grind but also enhances their flavor profile, giving your dishes an extra depth of taste that’s simply irresistible. Our host, Afiza Halin, will also be sharing valuable tips and tricks on how to ace this flavour-packed dish in under an hour. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your cooking skills and delight your taste buds with the aromatic flavors of Arabic cuisine.

Unauthorized Third-Party Accessories and Improper Repairs

Vorwerk, the manufacturer of Thermomix®, is aware of increasing number of accessories offered by third-party suppliers for its Thermomix® food processor. These items are intended to replace or complement original parts and accessories, such as lids, sealing rings, knives, mixing bowls and bases, measuring cups, Varoma® attachments, simmering baskets, butterfly whisks and splash guards. With this situation in mind, please note the following:

10 Different Kinds Of Bread To Make

Bread, the staff of life, isn't just a single entity. It's a worldwide tapestry woven with diverse flavors, textures, and traditions. Let's embark on a delicious baking journey, exploring 10 unique breads you can make at home, each offering a glimpse into different cultures:

10 Thermomix® Gift Ideas for Christmas

’tis the Season of Gifting 🎵 and your loved ones deserve the best. With a multitude of cooking functions, you too can create creative gifts with your Thermomix®! In this list, we have gifts that your loved ones are bound to enjoy, ranging from cookies to give that homemade touch to playdough that is perfect for the little ones. We even have gifts that are perfect for the Thermomix ® enthusiasts.