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Rice Cooker

Cook different rice and grains perfectly! Place the grain of your choice along with water and seasoning into the mixing bowl, and the TM6 automatically controls the temperature and cooking time.


The TM6 automatically adjusts cooking time based on ingredients and temperature to cook dishes such as sauces, custards, and cream perfectly.


Measure with precision using the TM6’s scale, accurate to 1 gram. Ideal for baking, cooking and preparation with precise amounts.

Grating and Milling

Ingredients such as nuts, cheese, vegetables and grains can be easily milled in seconds with the TM6. With just the blade speed and time, you have full control on the consistency of the finished product.


With 20 functions and counting, the Thermomix takes over the process for you, both in preparation and cooking. Baking and cooking is hassle-free, clean, and easy.

Sugar Stages

Through Guided Cooking, the TM6’s Sugar Stages function can make caramel, honeycomb and lollipops to your liking.


The TM6 allows you to caramelise ingredients at high heats of up to 160 degrees, such as caramelised onions and sugar through guided cooking.

Precise Heating

You can choose temperatures anywhere from 37 degrees to 160 degrees (with guided recipes), allowing you to be in control of your cooking.


With the Varoma, gently cook food while preserving more of its flavour and nutrients.

Mixing and Emulsifying

Create perfect mayonnaise and hollandaise sauces using the mixing function. The lid controls oils and liquids dripping into the mix, and precise heating allows you to recreate the perfect sauce every time.


Rotating in clockwise and anticlockwise directions, the special, incorporated interval mode imitates the movements of professional kneading, delivering a perfect consistency every time.


The TM6’s powerful motor easily minces meat, vegetables and other ingredients in seconds.


Perfectly chop meat, herbs, vegetables and much more to your liking in seconds. Just adjusting the speed and chopping time allows you to control how coarsely or finely ingredients are chopped.


Heat water to 37–100°C for making tea, preparing baby bottles or cooking pasta.

Pre Clean

Preconfigured for up to 5 minutes, and specially configured for pre-clean after cooking at high temperatures.

Sous Vide

Become an expert at sous vide meats and fish! With precision timing and temperature, delicate ingredients come out evenly cooked, succulent and juicy every time.

High Temperature

You can achieve up to 160 degrees with the TM6 for cooking that requires high temperatures. Guided cooking on Cookidoo ensures that cooking with these temperatures ensures perfect and safe results every time.


The stirring function and the added reverse function allows the TM6 to gently stir delicate food both clockwise and anti-clockwise, so that you don’t have to.

Slow Cooking

Gently cook up to 12 hours at a lower temperature, worry-free.


Used for making homemade yoghurts, the accurate and constant temperature creates the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Also suitable for assisting the proving of doughs, leave mixtures to ferment for 12 hours at temperatures between 37-85 °C.


With the Butterfly whisk, you can produce both sweet and savoury magic in a matter of seconds. Lightly churn butter whip up egg whites for meringues, easily and effortlessly.


Achieve perfect consistency with puree, soups and smoothies with the blending function.

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Your smart personal chef that never needs a day off

The TM6 is a modern culinary revolution. With the online recipe platform, Cookidoo®, seamlessly integrated on the touchscreen display of the Thermomix® TM6, the world is at your fingertips. Explore over 50,000 recipes on Cookidoo®, and much more in our community and cookbooks.


What Chefs say about Thermomix®

Christopher Millar

Executive Chef at Stellar, 1-Altitude
"We like it as chefs, especially because of the super sharp blade, the strong motor, and the fact that it runs very fast. It’s able to reduce purees and sauces a lot finer and a lot better than most other blenders."

Woo Wai Leong

Masterchef Asia Winner 2015, Owner of Restaurant Ibid
"Having a Thermomix® adds real versatility to a professional kitchen: it's akin to having an extra set of hands to handle delicate tasks which is always a great help!”

Nicholas Koh

Masterchef Singapore 2018 Contestant
“I think that everybody would love a Thermomix in their kitchen!”

Daniel Tay

Founder of Bakerzin, Cat & the Fiddle, Foodgnostic
“I would recommend a pastry chef, or a restaurant chef to own one... everything can be done with it. I’m quite happy with it, I think most chefs should have it.”

Genevieve Lee

Masterchef Singapore Runner-Up
“Thermomix® is way quicker than any food processor which takes forever and gets heated like crazy”

Annette Tan

Food Writer, Founder of Fatfuku
“Thermomix is like my kitchen assistant that never needs a day off!”

Andre de Paola

Head Chef at Zafferano Restaurant
“The Thermomix is more than just an appliance. It is a transformer in the kitchen.”

Zander Ng

Masterchef Singapore Winner 2018
“The Thermomix can really elevate things to another level.”

Beppe De Vito

Michelin-Winning Chef-Restaurateur, Founder of ilLido Group
“I would recommend the Thermomix to anyone if you’re a single at home or a big family, and especially for professionals as well.”

Rosie Fortescue

Britain TV Personality
“I also managed to make a refreshing gazpacho soup in my Thermomix®, which is a life-saver at the moment and makes cooking and preparing food unbelievably easy!”

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