Discover the World of Cookidoo® with Thermomix®

Welcome to Cookidoo®, the official Thermomix® recipe platform, offering an unparalleled culinary experience that takes your cooking to the next level. Discover all Cookidoo® has to offer, with over 85,000 triple-tested recipes all with innovative Guided Cooking functionality.

What is Cookidoo®?

Cookidoo® is a subscription-based recipe platform that provides users with a vast array of recipes from around the globe. This digital treasure trove is continuously updated, ensuring that you always have fresh and exciting dishes to explore. Whether you’re looking for everyday meals or gourmet creations, Cookidoo® has something for every palate and occasion​.

Key Features and Benefits

Vast Recipe Collection

With over 70,000 recipes, Cookidoo® offers an extensive variety of dishes. From quick and easy meals to elaborate gourmet experiences, there’s always something new to try​

Guided Cooking

Cookidoo® provides step-by-step guided cooking, making it easy to follow recipes and achieve perfect results every time. This feature is especially useful for beginners and those trying out new recipes

Personalized Recommendations

The platform learns your tastes and cooking habits, providing personalized recipe recommendations that suit your preferences. This ensures that you always have inspiration for your next meal​

Create and Share Recipes

Not only can you explore and cook from a vast collection, but you can also create your own recipes and share them with friends and family. This feature allows for endless creativity in the kitchen​

Scaled Recipes

Cookidoo®’s Scaled Recipes feature lets you adjust serving sizes to match your household’s needs. Whether you’re cooking for one or a large family, this functionality ensures you always have the right portion size

Meal Planning and Shopping Lists

Plan your meals for the week using Cookidoo®’s integrated meal planner. You can also create shopping lists directly from recipes, making grocery shopping more convenient and efficient​

How to Get Started?

Starting with Cookidoo® is easy. Sign up for a free 30-day trial to explore all the features and benefits. After the trial, continue your culinary journey with an annual subscription for just USD$65 (effective 29 July 2024). The subscription includes automatic renewal, ensuring uninterrupted access to all the recipes and features Cookidoo® has to offer​.

Thermomix is for everyone


is for everyone!

Whether you are new to cooking, an accomplished cook or a professional chef, Thermomix® will inspire you to expand your cooking repertoire, try new recipes and take control of your kitchen. With our innovative guided cooking feature and reliable recipes, it’s never been easier to cook amazing food!