Thermomix® Yam Flaky Skin Mooncakes

Do you know you can make mooncakes from scratch with your super kitchen all-in-one, Thermomix®?
There’s nothing more fulfilling than making your own mooncakes that is adapted to your personal preference and definitely will not contain any harmful nasties!

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As mooncake making process is rather long, make the paste in advance (it needs time to cool down).

Yam Swirl Flaky Skin Mooncakes ingredients

Yam Paste
450g Yam cut into cubes
100g Icing sugar
80g unsalted butter (omit pinch of salt if using salted butter)
15g Wheat starch
Pinch of salt

Thermomix® Directions

1. Add 500g water into mixing bowl, place yam cubes and pandan leaves in Varoma dish and stack on the lid.
2. Steam at 20min /Varoma / Speed 1.
3. Discard the water from the mixing bowl. Placed steamed yam cubes, icing sugar, salt, starch and butter into the mixing bowl, mix 30s / Speed 6.
4. Cook 20min / 95 °C / Speed 3 or until the paste thickens. Stop every 5mins to stir the paste
5. Allow to cool. Once the paste is set, roll into balls 30g to 45g each (including salty yolk). Keep them smaller if you prefer bite sized morsels

Salted egg yolks
Quantity per your preference
Rinse and bake with sesame oil or Shao Xing cooking wine coated at 150c for 5 minutes
Bloat the oil off before wrapping into the mooncake paste

Ingredients for Flaky Skin Dough

“Water Dough”
300 g Plain flour
60 g Icing sugar
85 g Butter
135 g Water

“Oil Dough”
180 g HK flour
30g Sweet Potato Powder* (for purple colouring)
140 g Butter
Optional : sesame seeds, toasted melon seeds & salted egg yolk (baked with sesame oil/Shao Xing cooking wine first)

Thermomix® Directions
Water dough:
1) Place ingredients A into mixing bowl, knead/2min.
2) Rest dough for 10 minutes, divide into 12 servings and roll into round balls.

Oil dough:
1) Place ingredients B into mixing bowl, blend 20 sec/ speed 2.5.
2) Divide into 12 servings 14g and roll into round balls.

Filling : About 40g each including the yolk

Shaping (Tip : *Watch the tutorial first before doing it)
1) Wrap each oil dough inside each water dough
2) Cover with a plastic/cling wrap and rest with seam side up
3) Roll out the rested dough into a long flat shape*
4) Roll up diagonally into a long roll and rest the dough further*
5) Roll out the diagonal rolls into a long flat shape* and roll up. Rest the dough
6) Cut the dough in step 5 into half, seam side up, flatten and roll out into a round shape taking care to keep the swirl central
7) Wrap the filling inside, ensure the filling is fully wrapped to avoid leakage during baking
8) Bake in a preheated oven at 170c for 20min OR deep fry until golden

* The use of colouring liquid may make the oil dough wetter and harder to handle.
* You may colour oil doughs and wrap them into the water dough for a kaleidoscope of colours in your flaky skin to make “rainbow flaky mooncakes”

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Thermomix Mooncakes Recipe

Variety of made by Thermomix mooncakes including Rainbow Hue Flaky Skin mooncake

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