20 Ways to use your ThermoServer

ThermoServer is a cooking accessory for Thermomix®. It is a double wall stainless steel pot that keeps food warm and chilled longer while you cook other dishes with your Thermomix®.
There are many ways you can use your ThermoServer. Here are some ThermoServer usage ideas by our user community!
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1. Leave steamed rice to sit in it for at least 15 minutes for the fluffiest rice ever
2. Keep your pasta warm, while you cook the pasta sauce in the Thermomix.
3. Proving bread dough
4. Keeping baos, steamed buns (man tou), and pancakes warm
5. Keeping your just cooked noodles, fried rice, bee hoon, yee mee etc warm
6. Letting your braise continue to slow cook while you cook other dishes
7. Keeping your popiah skin and fillings warm
8. Keep ice frozen and just made sorbet chilled longer
9. Yoghurt will stay the perfect temperature while it incubates
10. Keeping salads and sandwich veggies cool and crisps
11. Prop the Varoma dish on top of the ThermoServer to strain your pineapple pulp and juice to make pineapple tart jam
12. Use it to store rinsed bee hoon until you are ready to cook it
13. Keeping cocktails and mocktails nicely chilled
14. Place homemade ice popsicles and slushies in it for kiddie gatherings
15. Allowing the jelly to stay warm and liquid while you work on your jelly art
16. Keeping breakfast congee warm till everyone wakes up
17. Storing whole* poultry and fishes and keeping them warm to serve up directly on the dining table
18. Serving dishes (saucy, soupy dishes) that can be split up for sharing** across the table
19. Keeping desserts (eg peach gum dessert, cheng teng, white fungus dessert etc) chilled
20. Storing food that needs to be brought out for a gathering

*Whole poultry and fishes require the largest Oval ThermoServer 2.5L (below picture).
** Use 2 ThermoServer 1L to split and serve a dish across two ends of the dining table

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