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Thermomix® Eat Well Cookbook TM5 | TM6

Thermomix® Eat Well Cookbook TM5 | TM6


The Eat Well cookbook contains over 100 recipes, made from whole foods and minimally processed ingredients, allowing you to take the thinking out of knowing what to eat. Enjoy a delicious range of allergy-friendly recipes including 81 gluten-free recipes, 73 vegetarian recipes and 63 dairy free recipes plus nut free, egg free and vegan recipes you’ll love!

The extensive collection of allergy-friendly recipes means everyone will find a recipe that’s right for them with nearly every dish catering for multiple dietary requirements.

Some of the recipes in this book includes Melanzane parmigiana, Soufflé omelette with hot smoked salmon and Apple, rhubarb and goji berry crumble with vanilla cashew cream!

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