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Varoma PerfectFit Set

Varoma PerfectFit Set

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Move on to the next level in your Thermomix® Cooking Journey with time-saving multi-layer cooking.
Each item is exclusively designed to fit Thermomix’s Varoma dish and tray perfectly.
From steaming sweet cakes to savoury delights, pour batter mixtures after mixing in the Thermomix into the silicon moulds to steam in the Varoma dish or straight into the oven. Steam fish or meat on the Steaming Tray as part of your layered cooking.

The 6-piece set consists of the following :

✅ Stainless Steel Steaming Tray
✅ Silicone Muffin Mould (Rectangle & Round) – 2 sets
✅ Stainless Steel Steaming Trivet
✅ Porous Baking Sheets (Plain & 1 set Vented) – 2 sets

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