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Thermomix® Wholesome Vegan Cookbook TM5 | TM6

Thermomix® Wholesome Vegan Cookbook TM5 | TM6


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The Wholesome Vegan cookbook for Thermomix®, a Gourmand Award winner, is a rhapsody of creativity, flexibility and confidence in gastronomic science, showing how food cultures can come together for a delightful and refreshing dose of palate sensations. Reinventing traditional delicacies is possible with the clever substitution of ingredients for a surprisingly multi-dimensional taste. The book also takes on bold challenges of nostalgic dishes and provides healthful re-engineering of comfort food.

The Wholesome Vegan cookbook for Thermomix® provides a full breakdown of nutritional content for each recipe, to help you keep an eye on your macronutrients. Each recipe is thoughtfully designed to include choice ingredients, food preparation and treatments with detailed precise Thermomix® cooking instructions to provide efficient cooking for optimal taste and nutritional benefits. Sea salt, rock salt, bamboo salt are recommended for their broad spectrum trace minerals. Organic soy produce such as shoyu, miso, tofu are recommended to avoid genetically-modified produce and glyphosate intoxication. All whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds are recommended to be soaked overnight to remove substances that hinder digestion as well as to improve bio-availability of nutrients. In line with the holistic health focus of the book, the cooking methods such as frying with water using the Thermomix®, as well as low temperature baking help avoid oxidising oil during the cooking process.

Lengthy cooking processes are simplified with the use of Thermomix® in food preparation and cooking. Time, temperature and speed controls ensure consistent explosive tastes that never loses any nutrients through low temperature cooking.


About the Author, Wong Kee Yew

Mr Wong Kee Yew, is a biology scientist, vegan instructor, and an avid user of Thermomix®, shares in his first Thermomix® cookbook, the Wholesome Vegan cookbook for Thermomix®. Kew Yee is a staunt believer of :

  • the science of food preparation in synchrony with traditional wisdom on wellness;
  • each dish represents his personal journey and transformation into a vegan
  • creative use of only plant ingredients to transform each dish into an explosive taste experience
  • inspirations on improving the body and soul, through a change of diet and lifestyle to positively impact a more livable environment
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