Thermomix® Red Bean Paste Recipe

Still buying store mooncake fillings? Try making your own using your Thermomix®. Absolutely no nasties and only the choice ingredients you used in the cooking process. The process may be slightly long but once you have tasted your own mooncakes made from scratch, you will not look back.

200g Red beans, soaked overnight
150g Sugar
180g Peanut oil
20g Maltose
450g Water
1pc of Dried orange peel (chen pi / 陈皮)
Toasted melon seeds

Thermomix® Directions
1) Soak the red beans overnight, rinse
2) Add the water and red beans into the mixing bowl and cook 60min / 100c / sp1
3) After the paste is done cooking, use blend 30sec / speed 8 Blend Mode
4) Scrape down
5) Blend about 10sec / speed 8 Blend mode
6) Insert the butterfly and continue to cook 70min / 110c / sp1.5
7) Add the oil and sugar in 3 equal parts every 20min of the cooking
8) Add the maltose during the last 5min
9) Cool the paste and store in the fridge for at least one day before use (or until needed)
10) Add in the toasted melon seeds before portioning out the fillings for mooncake wrapping

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