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Spoonfuls of Love, Thermomix® Cookbook for Children (BILINGUAL) TM5 | TM6

Spoonfuls of Love, Thermomix® Cookbook for Children (BILINGUAL) TM5 | TM6


Spoonfuls of Love, The Thermomix® Cookbook for Children 婴喂爱食谱书

This is our first Thermomix® cookbook with healthy recipes and a focus on expert’s nutritional advice with easy step-by-step instructions for families to cook for children of various development stages from 6 months onwards when they start solid food and try new tastes, textures and food. Puree recipes meant for babies trying first their first bites at solids can be used as purees and sauces for appetisers, mains, and even desserts. Family snack favourites such as sausages can be made without nasties at home using wholesome ingredients! Pictorial guides are included for step-by-step guide to plate food that appears more attractive (and therefore, more delicious) to children. To prevent fussy eating, the book aims at inclusive cooking for younger children so that they learn to appreciate home cooking at a young age, that will develop into healthy eating habits in later life.

Spoonfuls of Love, The Thermomix® cookbook for children, developed with author and nutrition advisor, Olivia Tan, is a compilation of 60 recipes that are developed in growth developmental stages with nutritional information for children from 6 months onwards.

Spoonfuls of Love won the Gourmand Award in 2019.


About Olivia

Olivia is a food writer, nutrition advisor and cookbook author. Her life’s mission is all about nurturing healthy habits with the love for providing wholesome foods for future generations. Olivia’s lifelong passion began when she first started cooking and baking at home at the age of 9. Winning her first school competition in the savoury category at 11 years old, set her on this life journey to learn and create wholesome foods. Olivia graduated with a degree in International Business. Passionate about health and children’s wellbeing, she went on to Diploma in Health & Nutrition UK, Certificate of Paediatric Nutrition and Fertility Pregnancy from Monash University, Australia. She currently provides baby nutrition and health workshops, cooking classes, and has a successful career as a top Thermomix consultant.

Her last cookbook, Chinese Flavours was well-received, an amazing bestseller and claiming global recognition. This cookbook is the perfect addition to your collection with delicious recipes to spice up your Chinese food knowledge.

Olivia是名美食作家、营养顾问及食谱作者。她以培养健康的生活习惯为使命,用爱为下一代提供有益健康的食物。Olivia 9岁开始便在家里下厨及烘培,她对烹饪的热忱由此而深。自11岁于学校主办的烹饪比赛首获咸食类别的奖项后,让她踏上学习及创造有益健康食物的人生旅途。Olivia拥有国际商务专业学位。秉持著对保健及孩童健康的热忱,她也获得英国健康与营养文凭课程,并在澳洲莫纳什大学进修儿童营养及生育妊娠研证书课程。她目前积极于开办婴儿营养与健康研讨会、烹饪课程,同时也是位成功的

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