Thermomix® Care and Maintenance Tips

Take good care of your kitchen assistant just as it takes care of your meals! Here are some care and maintenance tips to help you provide the loving care it deserves so it can provide you and your loved ones with a lifetime of good food.

How to Maintain your Thermomix®’s Cover Plate in its pristine condition?

The cover plate is the housing for the Thermomix® base unit and the largest area to be exposed to external environments. Made with high quality material, it is made for easy cleaning. To keep it in its pristine condition, make sure to clean it after every use.

Simply use a damp and clean cloth to gently wipe the surface of the cover plate, lid sensor, locking arms, the handle, as well as the back of the Thermomix®. Wipe spills off immediately during cooking as it can dry on the cover plate over time. It is safe to wipe the cover plate when the device is operating.

How to maintain your Thermomix®’s Mixing Bowl at its best condition?

It is a good habit to put the mixing bowl back onto the base unit from the top of the locking arms to avoid accidentally knocking against the cover plate.

Ingredients to be chopped, grinded, or crushes should be in small pieces and within the acceptable weight to avoid/minimize dents and scratches on your mixing bowl.

How to maintain your Thermomix®’s Mixing Knife at its best condition?

To ensure the knife shaft doesn’t get broken by unnecessary excessive pressure, ensure the ingredients to be chopped, grinded or crushed are in small pieces and within the acceptable weight for even results.

As a good practice, whenever a higher speed is required, start the Thermomix® at speed 5 and gradually increase to the desired speed. When at higher speed of speed 7 and above, avoid abruptly stopping the grinding or blending process. Instead, decrease the speed gradually before stopping the machine.

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