Thermomix® Tutorials – Back to School Recipes with Mandy Kee!

    Heading back to school can be a busy time for both students and parents, but having a Thermomix® can make meal preparation a lot easier!

    Watch our host, Mandy Kee show you how to make Beef Bulgogi that can be used in 4 different dishes! She will also be showing how to make nourishing Chicken Essence with the Thermomix®, the perfect booster for a long day😉 . Homemade chicken essence is the ideal choice not just because it allows you to have complete control over the ingredients used, but also because it offers significant cost savings compared to store-bought alternatives.

    About Mandy Kee:

    An upcoming contestant of MasterChef Singapore Season 4, Mandy Kee is an avid cook who loves testing and developing recipes in her free time. 😋 Armed with a certificate in nutrition and wellness, the dishes in this tutorial are thoughtfully prepared with health and wellness in mind.

    Beef Bulgogi done 4 ways

    Beef Bulgogi

    450g beef short plate Shabu shabu (cut half)
    1/2 pear
    1/4 yellow onion
    5g ginger
    15g garlic
    30g soy sauce
    30g brown sugar / half corn syrup
    Black pepper
    25g sesame oil
    Chili flakes (optional)


    1. Add pear, onion, ginger, garlic into the mixing bowl and blend at 10 secs/Speed 8 . Ensure that you have a smooth paste and scrape down the sides.
    2. Add remaining ingredients (excluding the beef slices) into the bowl and blend again at 20 secs/speed9. Mix the beef slices with the marinade and set aside.
    3. To prepare for stir-frying the beef, add oil to the mixing bowl. Set to 10mins/ 120°C/reverse speed 1. Once the oil is heated up, slowly add in the beef slices through the mixing bowl lid.
    Bulgogi Gimbap

    Gimbap (Makes around 4 rolls)
    200g thinly sliced carrots
    200g blanched spinach
    crisp lettuce leaves
    450g cooked rice
    Seaweed sheets
    1tsp sesame oil
    A pinch of salt
    Sesame seeds


    1. Prepare the rolling mat and place the seaweed sheet on top.
    2. Place approximately a fist size of rice onto the seaweed and spread thinly, leaving 1 inch of space above. Assemble ingredients accordingly and be careful not to overfill the roll with ingredients.
    3. You may re-watch the video for more tips on assembling the Gimbap.
    Chicken Essence

    Chicken Essence:

    1 kampung chicken (chopped into 8pcs)
    1 metal plate
    1 rice bowl
    1600g water
    1 slice ginger (Optional)
    4 red dates (Optional)


    1. Place rice bowl wide side facing down the metal plate. Arrange the chicken around the bowl.
    2. Place the whole plate into the varoma dish.
    3. Steam for 90mins/Varoma/Speed 1
    4. Remove chicken pieces. Hold the rice bowl firmly onto the metal plate & turn it over.

    For the other dishes, replace the meat in the recipes to Bulgogi and adjust to taste accordingly:

    Aglio olioPizzaBibimbap , Caramelized Onions(for topping Bibimbap, pizza, and pasta)

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