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Your Cookidoo® Created Recipes can now be shared with your friends & loved ones!

We heard your requests and you can now share your Created Recipes stored in Cookidoo®! Previously Created Recipes are private and accessible only to the creators, now, with this sharing feature, you can effortlessly share your Cookidoo® creations. Share your Created Recipes via your favourite go-to-social media channels or quickly copy the link on web or mobile to your friends and loved ones – because shared recipes bring shared joy to everyone.

Cookidoo® Served 2023 is back! Share &Win Cookidoo® access!

Cookidoo® Served 2023: Your Favourite Recipe Round-Up Is Back You loved sharing your food milestones with family and friends lastyear, so we’re excited to announce that Cookidoo® Served is back! Thismobile-only snapshot of your Cookidoo® activity is a fascinatinginsight into…